Our Mission �We are a member of the United States Lacrosse Assocations and our missions is to enhance our players life experience thru the sport of lacrosse, teaching teamwork, developing leaders and building character.



 - :Dear Beach Dogs,
Welcome the 2013 Beach Dogs Lacrosse Summer Camp Program.
July 22nd - 26th.
The Glen Fields/Seveney Sports Complex aka Polo Fields
715 East Main Road
Portsmouth, RI  02871
9:00am - 1:00pm - Grades K-2 - Half Day Program
9:00am - 3:00pm - Grades 3-12 - Full Day Program
What Division is my Child In?
Division 1 - Boys Grades 9-12 
Division 2 - Boys Grades 6-8 
Division 3 - Boys Grades 4-5 
Club Division  - Boys Grades K-3 
Ladies Division - All ladies All Grades

If you signed up for lunch you will need to pay 30. on the first day of camp if you did not pay at registration.
 Please bring a check or cash.

If you would like lunch and did not sign up you can sign up on Monday.
Campers who purchase lunch will be given a bracelet - please wear it daily so we can easily identify you.

Pick-up & Drop Off
All players must check in upon arrival and check out upon departure.
DAY 1 - Monday - Drop off & registration will be at the main tent for everyone on day 1. Check in will start at 830am on Monday July 22tnd. All other days at 8:45 - 9am
All parents are welcome to stay for camp introductions, meet some of the coaches, The Iroquois members, and some other special guests that morning and learn a bit more about the camp. Below is an outline of who will be here and when

Cam bomberry Iroquois Lacrosse co-director
Kevin Sandy - ILA director
Jeremy Thompson - wed, thrus, and fri - syracuse
Tyler Hill - hobart - crooked arrows 
lyle, miles and heinz thompson - tues - friday
PARKING - For day 1 registration please park all the way down past the brown house on the left in the field. That will bring you closest to the tent .
Day 2 - 5 - Drop off will be at your fields by Division/grade level (note below) YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH A COACH- WE CANNOT ACCOUNT FOR A CAMPER IF WE DONT KNOW HE OR SHE IS THERE
(field 1 is closest to east main road)
Field 1 - division 2
Field 2 - division 1
Field 4 - Division 3
Field 5 - girls field - DROP OFF AND PICK UP AT THE MAIN TENT
PICK UP ALL DAYS FOR ALL DIVISIONS IS OUT OF THE MAIN TENT - Please park past fields on the left past brown house for pick up.
arm guards
shoulder pads
mouth guard
water bottle
eye protection
mouth guard
water bottle
Eat Breakfast before you arrive. The number one reason for fatigue and potential problems during the day can be avoided if you eat a good breakfast and drink some water or juice.
If you signed up for the lunch program it will be provided, pizza or sandwiches each day. Bring your lunch if you did not sign up for lunch.
Bring Sun Screen - we will have some if needed but please put some on before you come. (do not put on forehead - under eyes good.)
Bring a water bottle - water water water.
Water will be provided on each field to refill as needed.
NOTE - after camp each day - drink water, it will hydrate you for the next day.
Monday - Day 1
We will move players to the fields at about 930am after Registrations and quick introduction and parents are welcome to stay for the following
1. Marshall Huggins will give a brief overview of the camp, goals and what going on for the week 
2. Kevin Sandy & Cam Bomberry - Iroquois Lacrosse Association Director & Co Director 

3. Tyler Hill - Hobart grad and actor in Crooked Arrows
Cam and Kevin will be joined on Tuesday by Lyle Thompson, Miles Thompson and Heinz Thompson. Jeremy Thompson will arrive Wednesday.
4. Meet Division Directors to get overview of division programs for the week, goals & objectives.
Ladies divison - Bill Villareal
Division 1 - Mark Hoey
Division 2 - Patrick Cooney
Division 3 - Marty Kelly
Club - Phillip Cassiaus 
5. Meet Rod Eaton, Lacrosse Coach at Pomfret School and College Guidance Councilor. Rod will be giving a presentation and more in-depth Q&A on Friday for parents who are entering the college admissions process along with JJ Gilbane, Tentatively scheduled for Friday Lunch time. Parents welcome.
Monday - first day of camp

Welcome Harlem Lacrosse
Tuesday - Tentative date for Creators Dinner - At 6pm we have dinner on the fields - Dinner will be catered by Flatwaves Restarurant. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased on monday and Tuesday and at the event.  - includes a drink and dinner - you are welcome to bring your own food and drink.


There will be a question and answer session with Tyler hill, Lyle Thompson and some others who were in the movie CROOKED ARROWS and then we will watch the movie on the fields starting at aprox. 8pm

NOTE - the movie day may change based on weather.....etc.

Lacrosse History Day - Cam and Kevin will work with everyone throughout the day and week to share the history of the oldest team sport in North America, the meaning to the Iroquois and much much more.
Warrior Lacrosse will be on site
Brine Lacrosse will be on site
Wednesday - Shooting Day
How accurate do you shoot?
How fast do you shoot?

Demos, shooting & Ball Movement
Thursday - Stx & Maverik on site - tentative
Friday - Boston Cannons on Site - Beach Dogs/ Cannons Game Tickets on sale
 - End of camp awards - and some other special things.
12:30pm - college counseling seminar for parents and hs players. - 45 minutes. - by ROD EATON & JJ GIlbans

Each Day there will be a raffle where players will win, lacrosse equipment, cannons tickets, apparel, etc...

There will be a camp store selling mouth guards, gatorade, water and other treats for campers, and camp apparel and Iroquois Stringing supplies.
Campers can arrange to have their heads re-strung by our on-site stick doctors - cost $30. Please have a back up stick to use while your head is getting strung.
Campers will be available to get tee shirts, autographs from the Iroquois Players..

For every dollar spent in the store, campers will receive one raffle ticket for that days raffle.
First Aid is located under the tent by the flag.
There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site
If your son or daughter has any medical condition, allergies, etc please plan to meet with  Marshall on day 1 to make us aware.
There will be wireless internet access on the field to be used by camp staff as needed. Weather is monitored locally as needed and any communications will be emailed to parents through out the day as needed. Incoming emial will be monitored hourly. If parents have questions or concerns they can email   and expect a reply within an hour usually. Emergency communications will be by phone, incoming and outgoing. 
401-965-9622 is the number to call. Voice mails will be returned urgently.
Please note that if it is not an emergency please email.

Coaches & Staff
Please interact with any of the coaches & staff. One the biggest assets of the Beach Dogs Lacrosse Programs are the coaches. 
Our friends from the Iroquois Program are here all week. They are an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about lacrosse and are some of the worlds best lacrosse players. As much as they play it is also their responsibility and in their culture to share what they know and pass it down. 
Parents are welcome to field at any time. We encourage you come, learn, ask questions, etc.
We discourage players from bring valuables. Please have a bag for all your belonging and keep your stuff in it. Please put campers names on all items.
There will be a lost and found.
Beach Dogs can not be responsible for lost or stolen items. 
There is a Boston Cannons Game Saturday after camp - August 3 and August 10- Beach Dogs will get discounted tickets - details are online and will be available at camp.